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Brick + Mortar Downtown San Diego

The Deliciously Fresh Brick + Mortar

We were invited to try out Brick + Mortar in downtown San Diego. After looking through the photos on their website I already expected good food. I was happy to find out that Brick + Mortar greatly exceeded my expectations. Not only was the food deliciously fresh, the drinks were quite tasty!

The style of this place was right up my alley too. I loved the mural with the Gaslamp logo, Ron Burgundy and classic cars. The painting reflects in the mirror above the bar which is pretty sweet. Natural wood, bricks, graffiti art, mason jars, crafty cocktails and tasty food are a winning combination.

Brick + Mortar Downtown San Diego

The Brick + Mortar owner and staff were very friendly and happy to have us. They served us up a great selection of their menu items. I really did not have anything I didn’t like so I’m just going to give you a list of what I had. (It was delicious).

Shortrib Pizza: pomodoro | blue cheese | arugula
Arugula Salad: cranberries | coppa | crispy shallots | parm | almonds
Sriracha Watermelon: heirloom tomato | watercress | feta


Lump Crab Cake: imperial sauce | citrus salad
Tuna Tartar: avocado mousse | piquillo fritter
Roast Chicken: brussels sprouts | cauliflower | cherries | chicken jus (This was one of my favs! Loved the cherries with the sauce)
Pan Roasted Barramundi: white bean & chorizo cassoulet

I also had my fair share of their specialty craft cocktails. My favorites were the:

Mama’s Boy Margarita: Spicy Infused Tequila | Pineapple | Lime | Agave | Salt
Mortar Mule: Stoli Vodka | Basil | Bitter | Lime | Ginger Beer


Here’s a glimpse of the new second floor space that they are going to use for special parties and events. There is a separate bar space and plenty of room for mingling.

We had a wonderful time tasting drinks and food. I can’t wait to go back and try their chicken and waffles!

Brick + Mortar is located on 5th street in the heart of downtown San Diego. Check out their website for more information.

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