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Vanguard Culture’s An Artist @ The Table Events

Vanguard Culture is redefining the artistic movement in San Diego. I am pleased to introduce An Artist @ The Table, an ongoing event from Vanguard Culture featuring a surreal dinner experience involving a four-course meal. The dinner I attended was prepared by Chef Carlos Anthony Sanmartano, Executive Chef of San Diego’s Salt and Cleaver, wine pairing provided by Baja Wine + Food, and the innovative work of local artist Roman de Salvo.


“Vanguard Culture is an online media entity designed for culturally savvy, socially conscious individuals searching for unique visual and performing arts experiences while making a difference in their community.”

Art can be both mentally and visually stimulating. What was truly unique about this event was how personal and intimate it was. It allowed nine complete strangers to sit down to a fantastic mean, share experiences and topics in one-on-one conversation with the featured artist, and each other.


The dinner, again, was prepared by Salt and Cleaver’s Executive Chef Carlos Anthony Sanmartano, who did an exquisite job! Here is an example of the full course menu for you to get an idea! To learn more about our fabulous chef, read here. Keep in mind this was a full vegan, gluten-free meal.

Course One: Sea poached turnip (oyster brother champagne) in a bed of pea shoots and pods, pickled cucumber spheres and cucumber mint pea broth

Course Two: Hen of the wood mushroom, roasted Jerusalem artichoke sherry walnut vinaigrette, Burratta and shaved truffle with a mushroom Demi

Course Three: Beet and ricotta gnocchi, beet top pesto & aged balsamic

Course Four: Strawberry preserved lemon rhubarb crumble

Vanguard Culture


The wine was generously sponsored by Baja Wine + Food. There is art in food and wine pairings, and the team knew exactly what they were doing!

Course One: Monte Xanic Chardonnay 2014

Course Two: Lomita Tinto de la Hacienda 2013 (Cabernet Blend)

Course Three: Adobe Guadalupe Serafiel 2013 (Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah)

Course Four: Monte Xanic Chenin Blanc 2015

Vanguard Culture



As I thought about how to describe Roman’s artwork or how I perceived it more or less, there was only one thought that came to mind… Ingenuity meets design: exceptional work focused on craftsmanship, visual planning/coordination, and detail. If you look at his work (below are a view examples), you will notice perfect symmetry, while also breaking the laws of balance in a beautiful way.

Not only do I appreciate his work, but his humble personality and charm add to the mix.

{Click the photo to see more of Roman de Salvo’s work}Vanguard Culture

Thank you to Vanguard Culture and Susanna Peredo, Founder and CEO, along with DowntownRob for such a wonderful evening. To learn more about Vanguard Culture, you can visit their website at or check out their Facebook page here!


View the full article on my website: VANGUARD CULTURE – AN ARTIST @ THE TABLE W/ ROMAN DE SALVO

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