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“Red” at San Diego Repertory Theater

I recently had the opportunity to see “Red” at the San Diego Repertory Theater, and to say I was pleasantly surprised by the experience would be an understatement. The theater can be a little tricky to find and for all you fellow first timers it’s located downstairs by Starbucks almost all the way to the NBC Building.

Once inside the theater we were greeted by several friendly volunteers and quickly made our way to the full bar… because the best way to watch any movie or play is with a cocktail in your hand. Once in our seats we decided to take a picture to document the occasion. We were quickly approached by one of the ushers who said “ladies, we don’t allow selfies”. We knew then that this night was going to be Legen…. Wait for it… dary!

“Red’s” screenwriter is John Legend, who is also known for writing “The Gladiator”, “Aviator” and “Skyfall”. The story revolves around Mark Rothko, an Abstract Expressionist painter who was hired to paint pieces for the new Four Seasons Restaurant in 1958. Because of the notoriety involved, Rothko struggles with feeling like a sellout amongst his peers and artists of the younger generation. The relationship between Rothko and his assistant is a battle throughout the entire play, however the ending is altogether heart-warming.

If you didn’t make it to “Red”, I would highly recommend checking out the schedule for other upcoming performances, it is definitely worth the visit! #noselfies

[Editor’s note: This was posted late due to my error, apologies. ~ DowntownRob]

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