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The Best Vegan Spots in Las Vegas

Plant-based protein has escalated beyond trendy, with the rise in plant-based burgers (like the Impossible Whoppers and other Impossible Burgers on many menus now) into the norm, with so many more people in recent years focusing on eating Vegan for health, wellness, and animal-cruelty reasons. Here are the top spots around all of Las Vegas to get your delicious, healthy, and unique Vegan meals.

Pancho’s Vegan Tacos

Pancho’s Vegan Tacos East (on E Tropicana Ave) and Pancho’s Vegan Tacos West (on S Fort Apache Rd) –

My number one favorite spot is Pancho’s Tacos! A small restaurant wanting to add a touch of Mexican to Vegan Food, they have so many options to choose from, it’s difficult to choose. Whatever you do choose, you can’t go wrong!


Tacoterian (on S Fort Apache Rd) –

I love Mexican food, and so Tacoterian is another great spot. This was started from a trip to Mexico City, where they fell in love with the vegetable dishes. This inspired them to open up a restaurant that is vegetarian, but still has lots of flavor.

Veggy Street

Veggy Street (on S. Fort Apache Rd) –

This is a hidden gem that has amazing vegan food. The atmosphere is cozy, and the food is even better.

Violette’s Vegan

Violette’s Vegan Organic Cafe & Juice Bar (W Desert Inn Rd) –

This has a unique and fun atmosphere with the pictures on the walls. The food is all vegan, and there isn’t an option on the menu that has not been raved about.


Veganbites Restaurant (on W Sahara Ave) –

This restaurant is 100% vegan, gluten free and allergy friendly. The food tastes great, and the atmosphere is trendy.

Mint Indian Bistro

Mint Indian Bistro (on S Durago Dr) –

They cater to all dietary needs – vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and Halal. This Indian restaurant has such a diverse menu from all over India. 

The Modern Vegan

The Modern Vegan (on E Naples Dr) –

This vegan restaurant is going to blow the minds of non-vegan food eaters. They are making your All-American favorites like chicken and waffles or spaghetti and meatballs 100% vegan.


VegeNation (on Carson Ave) –

They are a community-based restaurant serving fresh, global street food. Eat here and feel really amazing!

Simply Pure

Simply Pure (on Fremont St) –

This is a completely raw vegan cafe. If you are looking for a restaurant offering a raw vegan diet, then this amazing gem is for you.


POTs (on S Rainbow Blvd) –

This is a vegan and vegetarian Egyptian street food mix. The restaurant is authentic and produces great flavors.

Go Vegan Cafe

Go Vegan Cafe (on S Rainbow Blvd) –

This beautiful restaurant and juice bar offers vegan options. The best part, is that they even serve breakfast all day!

Chef Kenny’s Asian Vegan

Chef Kenny’s Asian Vegan (on Spring Mountain Rd) –

This restaurant takes the Asian food chain by storm. They are offering vegan sushi, and it is a definite must try!

Veganos Kitchen

Veganos Kitchen (on N Rancho Dr) –

Veganos Kitchen is a family-owned restaurant that serves 100% vegan Mexican-American cuisine. All cruelty free with the same authentic taste you love.

So those are the top Vegan spots, which are YOUR favorites? Do you love how many Vegan restaurants in Las Vegas serve superb Mexican food? It’s the best of both worlds!

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