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Find Your Friends’ Favorites on Yappee

Looking for a great new place to eat or grab a drink? Maybe you are looking for a new gym or salon or barber? Usually the best, most trusted recommendations come from asking your friends. You can search for reviews online and get a quick snapshot of what some people think of it on a scale from 1 to 5 stars…but you’re always still a little nervous to try a new place unless it has that stamp of approval from someone you actually know.

Yappee is a new startup right here in San Diego that brings those referrals between friends to an online experience. I’ve been using it to share and find some great places in San Diego. You list your favorites, your friends list their favorites, and businesses can give offers and reward you for making referrals.

So what’s so great about Yappee?

1. Your favorite places are still kept on the down low.
When you find a hidden gem of a place you don’t want to tell everyone about it! Yappee let’s you list your favorite places just for your friends to see.

2. The reviews are from people you actually know and trust.
Who cares if BeachDude44 gave 4 stars to a bar down the street. When you are looking for a new place to grab a drink you ask your friend that goes out a lot and likes places like you do. When you are looking for a new barber you ask your friend with great hair. When you are looking for a place to shop for new clothes you ask your friend whose style you love. Why trust a bunch of strangers online when you can go to your actual friends on Yappee?

3. Favorites are better than reviews.
On a scale from 1 to 10 how often do you agree with someones rating of a place? Yappee isn’t about stars or negative reviews. When you are looking for a new place to try you want to see your friends absolute favorite places and why they love them. That’s what Yappee focuses on.

4. The offers are exclusive, limited and the best available.
If you’re going to be trying one of your friends favorite places you might as well get the added bonus of trying it for a special price! Yappee offers are limited to friends and since they are exclusive and limited they are usually pretty legit.

5. Your influence is rewarded.
Yappee keep track of the referrals you make. When a friend tries one of your favorites, your status goes up and businesses can even send you rewards.

You can sign up and add your own favorites on or you can use my personal invite link so that we are connected and you can see my favorites.

Make sure you search for and add your favorite DowntownRob contributors so you can see all of our favorite places in one spot.

About Rob Marlbrough (@DowntownRob)

Bringing you the best, the luxurious, and the unique. DowntownRob is the semi-official ambassador of San Diego, and craves new venues with distinctive flare, amazing food, and superb cocktails.

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