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Family-Friendly Bagby Beer

Last Sunday I went to Bagby Beer with Maleah and our moms. There were super cool tables inside and outside with really cool umbrellas and sitting area. Everyone was really nice at Bagby. There isn’t a kids menu so Maleah and I ordered the Go-To Pizza, half without olives because I don’t like them. We also got the macaroni and cheese and my mom made us get the brussel sprouts. Everything was delicious even the veggies! But I do have to say I like my mom’s brussel sprouts the best.

For dessert, we got the ice cream sandwiches. There were three different kinds. I liked all of them except the coffee (espresso) one.

*This is mom speaking…after the ice cream sandwiches she was hyper as can be! It was pretty comical!!

I can’t wait for my mom to take me back to Bagby.

Check out my gallery photos below and then check out my Facebook page for a cute little video my mom and I made 🙂


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