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Carrie Barrett is the owner of Carrie Elizabeth Consulting, a San Diego-based company with a passion for social media and online marketing. Carrie started Carrie Elizabeth Consulting over five years ago to help businesses of all sizes navigate the space. At Carrie Elizabeth, they specialize in marketing training, content creation, social media strategy and channel management, public relations, real-world event marketing and blogger/influencer outreach. They believe that marketing is, and should be, fun. It gives business owners the chance to make and foster real relationships with customers while growing their business and engaging with customers. Their mission is to empower clients to be the best marketers in their industry. Contact Carrie at for more information.

November, 2014

  • 5 November

    Social Fresh West Recap

    Social Fresh Conference wouldn’t be Social Fresh unless it touted impeccable speakers, brand representatives and case studies; one large open conference room opposed to separate tracks, and of course, networking, teams, boxed lunches and incredible …

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