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Very unique cuisine at Sora
Very unique cuisine at Sora

Sora’s Italian Japanese cuisine soars into Downtown

A group of friends and I recently experienced the exceptional Milano-Tokyo creations at Sora by chef Noriyoshi Teruya, the sushi chef from Nobu San Diego, who was a a protégé of famed chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa for 13 years. He was approached by Alessandro Minutella, known locally for his restaurants Panevino, Osetra, Greystone and Chocolat, and Chocolat GM Daniele Visco, to create a unique dining experience never seen before in San Diego. “There will be no sushi,” says Minutella. “The cuisine will be Italian with a Japanese influence.”

Sora had it’s grand opening last month, and is located near the Big Bay on West Broadway, at India St, the former location of Crescent Heights (a superb spot for happy hour and dinner I frequented often, before it closed down back when the recession hit), it’s the perfect location for such a concept. Close to Little Italy, it will live up to it’s Italian focus, but with the superb Japanese flare added, it lands itself close to Lion’s Share (one of my favorite spots) in the uniqueness it’s striving for. You can expect to enjoy live music, a new wine room, an expanded patio, and free parking in the building’s structure after 5pm.

The ladies and I were seated in a nice round booth, surrounded by a vibrant red decor and wall decorations. Superb service, the waiters attentive. The cuisine was as unique as the ambiance. Ginger sampled the risotto, prepared table-side, in a wonderful large cheese wheel, it was quite a sight and a highlight of the meal. Natalie enjoyed the personal sized prosciutto pizza, made with tomato sauce, mozzarella, burrata, prosciutto di parma, and arugula. Jen had the lobster edamame ravioli, which I also sampled, and it was delicious, with very rich flavors. Melonie ordered the miso black cod, served alone on the plate, and was underwhelmed with it’s portion size. I ordered the genovese pasta that sounded amazing, with macadamia nuts, shrimp, pesto and pasta, and it was delicious, with a much nicer portion size; between the other samplings and appetizers, I wasn’t able to finish it.

Daniele and I talked about the food, he wanted to hear everyone’s opinions as well, and offered us dessert on the house, which we all definitely enjoyed. The green tea tiramisu, chocolate lava cake, and creme brûlée bites I had were very, very good.

All in all, I think you’ll have an amazing night at Sora. Have a cocktail, order an appetizer or two, and then select one of their unique entrees. If you’ve got room, definitely try one of their great desserts to top off the night. The concept of Italian Japanese fusion had me scratching my head when I first heard of it, but now I’m only rubbing my belly.

What are your thoughts on Italian Japanese fusion? If you’ve been to Sora, how was it for you?


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